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Casinos are now forming a source of leisure and entertainment globally and with the onset of internet technology, this growth is spreading like a rapid fire. The developed and developing nations both are seeking casinos as a part of tourism package. The developing economies are opening up and legalizing the gambling concept in the casinos by encouraging the establishment of casino centers. The growth of casinos has lead to an interest in the common public about the nature of the casinos. Their interest is being now cashed in by the publication industry by publishing various casino games journals, magazines, books and other publishing material. Given below is the list of the popular casino magazines that one can study to know the latest trends in the casino industry-

  • Casino Player is a magazine that provides easy to read articles on every type of gaming strategy that is written by experts in the casino industry. Each issue of this magazine is covers in-depth reviews about casino entertainment, restaurants and other packages being offered by the casinos.
  • Casino Journal is another gaming magazine that provides in depth coverage of the people involved in the casino industry and the leading players in the gaming industry. There are also Question and Answer columns that help in clearing the doubts raised by the persons related with the casino industry.
  • The Strictly Slots Magazine is the other award-winning magazine that purely deals with the issues related with the slot and video poker game players. There is up to date information related with the new games and latest machines that are hitting the market. There are twelve issues per year offered to the subscribers of this magazine.
  • The International Gaming and Wagering Business or IGWB magazine is another popular casino magazine that has been publishing for over twenty-five years. This magazine is written for the executives and other professionals who are in the legalized gaming industry that includes casinos, lottery, internet gaming, bingo, keno, charitable gaming etc. This magazine provides an insight about the latest news and developments that are related with the gaming industry. Twelve issues are dispatched to the subscribers per year.
  • ALL IN Magazine is deemed the number one poker magazine in the world. Every issue of this magazine provides winning poker strategies, tips, and instructions of experts, travel tips, lifestyle features and other related information about poker.

Thus, the above-mentioned journals and magazine provides a useful insight about the casino game industry and its day-to-day developments across the global boundaries.

Exciting Game to Play Online – Texas Hold’em

Texas hold’em is an exciting poker variation with a variety of strategies. Texas Holdem typically consists of 10 players and the game is played against the dealer. It is played with a standard 52 deck card where cards are shuffled after every round. The main task of the game is to beat the dealer by getting the best possible five card hand using five community cards.

  • Players have to choose the best online casino to play the Texas holdem poker online. By playing online Texas holdem poker online players can earn lot of money.
  • Many people worldwide prefer to play Texas holdem online among Blackjack and Roulette.
  • All the above are the best sites to play free Texas holdem poker online and have fun as it is the interesting game.
  • Poker stars and party poker are also popular poker room which offers free online poker games to play.
  • If you are want to play Texas holdem poker online for fun or for real money then both the poker rooms are the best places online where players can have fun and the real gaming experience.
  • They provide information for the people about the poker game like rules, hints, tips, etc. Through online casinos people can practice poker games before risking your real money.

So play Texas holdem poker for free at any of the above poker rooms through online and experience the real excitement.

Enjoy Unlimited Fun and Entertainment by Playing Casino Games Online

Playing casino games online are becoming very crazy for everyone. There are two ways to play casino games online. One is through web where people can start playing the game using computer with internet connection and the other is through downloading the online games. Players can play free online casino games where no download and registration is required.

  • If you are new players and playing the game for the first time then you have to sign in so that you can receive some bonus points.
  • Players can also earn money by playing at online casinos which is very interesting as well as exciting. Individuals can play the games without downloading them from internet.
  • There are many types of casino games available some of them are slot machine, bingo, poker, roulette, black jack, baccarat, etc.
  • It is also very important for players to pick up the best casino site when you are ready to play casino games online.
  • It is better for people to play free games first and if you get confident then you can play the games by betting with real money.
  • Most of the online casinos offer welcome bonus for the new players which may range from $5 to $100. Players have to make sure that they choose the best online casino website before they start playing.
  • If anyone wants to become perfect casino player then online casinos are the best option for them where they can improve their skills and start playing with real money.

Casino software

The software used by the online casinos should provide players an enjoyable experience. The software developers have to design the software in such a way that they must be flexible to handle things on the website. The games offered should be reliable and fair. The games developed should be attractive to the players and they should find more interest to play.

The basic software’s used by the online casinos are as follows:

  • Downloadable games
  • Flash based instant games
  • The applications which are responsible for handling the mobiles

Flash based games allow the players to play from the browser. Without downloading anything you can play this game effectively. Downloadable games will ask you to download the software on your computer for playing the game. There are many downloadable games available on the internet. In the present days online casinos are also offering some games like game apps for the smart mobile phones. A huge gambling is done with the help of these devices. Some of the games offer huge jackpots to the players. Select the website only after having a glance on the terms because some of the sites will not provide them on the home page. So it is your duty to find them by searching and then play the game using those sites.

Poker Chip Tricks

The poker chip tricks are fun and interesting to see. They take you into an impression that you are spending more time on the poker table. It is very easy to learn these poker chip tricks. The standard techniques used in the game are straight forward. You can get perfection only after practicing the game several times.

The major functional trick is back spin it is used to send the chip into the pot. This trick is implemented only in a friendly game. Shuffling is done for disturbing the attention of the opponent. With the help of one hand you shuffle the two stacks of chips.

Knuckle roll is the effective trick which is performed while playing the game. In order to perform this activity you need your hands coordination.

By performing chip twirl you can tell the other players on the poker table that you are a capable player. In order to master this trick lot of effort is required from your side. If you are capable of performing this activity with ease then you can disturb the attention of the opponents. With the help of middle finger you can spin the chip. After performing the half revolution you slide it into middle of stack.

Hence apply the tricks according to the requirement then you can win the game.

About poker

While playing the game every player will purchase these poker chips for certain amount of money. There are different chips available for playing the games.

In general there are three types of poker chips. The chips which are purchased at the highest cost are known as clay chips where as underneath are called composite chips.

Finally the chips which are purchased at the cheap price are known as plastic chips. The clay chips will have more weight so that its importance is given more.

At the time of poker game, these chips will help in keeping track of the players. These chips are usually available in four to five colors. In the tournament the person who is having more number of poker chips is considered as leading person.

The clay chip is manufactured with a special process that is the reason it is expensive. The size of these chips is half the size of the dollar and with more thickness. Similarly the plastic chips are also made in the same size with less thickness.

You can do wonders on the poker table provided if you have experience in playing with these chips. People who have knowledge on the game should only participate in the game to prevent losing of money. Some people try out things without knowledge and they end up with losing money.

Beginners Guide to Online Casinos

The internet version of the land based casinos is the online casinos. These casinos allow the players to play casino games online via internet. Today, online gambling is a billion dollar industry and is increasing worldwide. We see many people gambling at online casinos due to the benefits they offer. The casino sites that are available online will allow one to play many games like Blackjack, online poker, Craps, slot machines, etc. One can play these games by just sitting at home. For one to understand the online casinos in a better way, he or she should read the beginner’s guide below:

Selecting casino games

 There are many fun games that online casinos can offer. Few of the common games that any online casino offers include Poker, Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Bingo and Keno. One can select these games based on the choice, knowledge and skills. One should make sure that he reads the rules of the game before he starts playing. There are many sites that offer tips and rules to help the beginners play better. Players can also read book on casino gambling. One can even browse for the beginners guide online.

Selecting good casinos

Many people who are new to gambling worry about the internet casinos thinking them to be illegal and legitimate. The fact is that most of the online casinos are licensed. To select the best casino website, it is very important for one to check the list of affiliated sites.  Sign up with only those websites that provides good and clear gaming options.

Major requirements

The first requirement is to visit the casino website and to download their software. The next thing is to create a casino account where the player can deposit the money for betting. The information provided by the players to these casinos is kept secured. Complete the formalities and enjoy playing the games.

The above beginner’s guide helps the beginners to understand the rules and tips on how to win at casinos.


Hottest Female Poker Players

In this infographic, we present the top 10 hottest female poker players. Online Casino

  • Liv Boeree
  • Tatjana Pasalic
  • Christina Lindley
  • Jennifer Tilly
  • Krisztina Polgar
  • Maria Ho
  • Kimberley Lansing
  • Xuan Liu
  • Sonja Kovac
  • Lacey Jones

Source: Casino Infographics